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A successful company needs more than periodic legal advice – it needs constant legal management. Thus, for subsidiaries in Germany with small or no legal departments, WAHLERT created [ex-in], the external in-house legal department...
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Discrimination is a big issue in Germany. Employers must not discriminate employees. Due to several EU Regulations the Equal Treatment Act dated August 14th, 2006 was passed (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz or AGG).

The Equal Treatment Act prohibits discrimination of employees due to the following reasons:

  • Race - Ethnical Background
  • Gender - Sexual Orientation
  • Disabilities - Age
  • Religion or other beliefs
Any treatment which is less favourable than the treatment of other, comparable employees due to one of the reasons mentioned above. The obligations of the employer start early. The employer has to draft employment advertisements carefully. Whenever the employer is interviewing prospective employees he has to contemplate which questions to ask, which answers to give and how to refuse applicants. Within an employment relationship the employer must not discriminate his employees as far as promotion of employees are concerned. In the following a few examples shall explain the concept of discrimination.

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