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A successful company needs more than periodic legal advice – it needs constant legal management. Thus, for subsidiaries in Germany with small or no legal departments, WAHLERT created [ex-in], the external in-house legal department...
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Employee Rights and Benefits


The legal rights and benefits afforded to employees differ widely from country to country and it is imperative that prospective employers in the Germany understand these issues fully. These matters are, obviously, not only important from a legal perspective but also from a motivational and recruitment perspective. In a labor market where good employees are hard to find, workplace rights and benefits can be a differentiating factor for potential employees.

This section looks at a wide variety of issues which affect employment in the United Kingdom, such as hours of work, holiday entitlements, maternity and paternity leave and flexible working arrangements. As with many countries, this is an ever evolving area of legislation in Germany and it would be a good idea to review these pages periodically in case anything has changed.

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