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A successful company needs more than periodic legal advice – it needs constant legal management. Thus, for subsidiaries in Germany with small or no legal departments, WAHLERT created [ex-in], the external in-house legal department...
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Health and Safety


Health and Safety issues are dealt with by the national accident insurance (Berufsgenossenschaft or BG). The national accident insurance provides pension payments if an employee is not able to work any longer due to an accident occurred at work or due to a work related disease. Contributions to the national accident insurance are borne by the employer only. The employer does not receive a refund from the employee. As consideration for his financial burden the employer is not obliged to pay damages (for pain and suffering) to employees in case of a work related accident or disease. Any claims in this regard will be satisfied by the national accident insurance. In fact employees are not entitled to damages for pain and suffering at all. All they will receive are compensation payments for loss of earnings (pension) and medical treatment.

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