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Philip Lee has unparalleled expertise in advising on all areas of employment law, ranging from representing employers and employees before the Labour Relations Commission, Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Labour Court and advising employers on the negotiation and implementation of redundancy and restructuring plans...
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Employee Status


The exact classification of what constitutes an employee can vary from country to country and it is important that any employer in Ireland fully understands the various classifications of employment as outlined under Irish law.  Failure to clarify these issues at the commencement of employment can often result in confusion, disagreements and conflict later on.

This is an area which often confuses both employer and employee and, therefore, needs careful consideration.

This section will give an overview of some of the different classifications which can be given to employees under Irish legislation and covers areas such as full-time workers, casual workers, homeworkers and commercial agents.  It is probably useful to read all of this section to give a clear picture of the legal landscape.

Specialist advice should be obtained before taking, or refraining from taking, action based on the contents of this site which is only intended as a brief note.  If you require specific advice on any aspect of this section or on any other Irish Employment Law related matters, please contact a member of the  Employment Team.

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