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Bufete Giménez Torres was established in 1968 and has since then developed great expertise in various fields of Law, Corporate and Commercial, Labour, Procedural, Real Estate, Administrative, Tax and Industrial Property, achieving great professional heights, and is committed to the highest standards of quality in serving its clients.
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According to our labour rules, any provision, covenant or decision of an employer providing for direct or indirect discrimination on grounds of age or disability, and in regard to pay, working hours and other employment conditions, on grounds of sex, origin, marital status, social status, language, religion, political ideas, sexual orientation and trade union membership, shall be deemed to be null and void.

Orders to discriminate against, and decisions of an employer resulting in unfavourable treatment of workers in the face of a claim or an administrative or legal action designed to seek enforcement of the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination, shall also be void.

The employer actions declared discriminatory may involve a serious administrative penalties and may allow the employee the starting of a claim seeking for the following court protection: the special process of fundamental rights protection, from which it may result a court judgment with an indemnity for damages and the ordinary process asking to resolve the employment contract and to receive the corresponding indemnity.

Specialist advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from taking, action based on the contents of this site which is only intended as a brief note. If you require specific advice on any aspect of this section or on any other Spanish employment related matters, please contact any member of Bufete Gimenez Torres Employment Team.

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