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Bufete Giménez Torres was established in 1968 and has since then developed great expertise in various fields of Law, Corporate and Commercial, Labour, Procedural, Real Estate, Administrative, Tax and Industrial Property, achieving great professional heights, and is committed to the highest standards of quality in serving its clients.
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Employee Rights And Benefits


Our Workers’ Statute Act provides that employees’ basic rights shall consist of the freedom to choose an occupation or trade, trade union freedom, collective bargaining and taking industrial action as well as the right to strike, of assembly, to disclosure of information and to consultation and participation in the company.

Insofar as their employment relationship is concerned, employees are entitled to actually work, to career progression and vocational training at work, not to be discriminated against on grounds of sex, marital status, age, race or ethnicity, disability, social status, religion or convictions, political ideas, sexual orientation, membership and language, to personal safety and to a proper health and safety policy; to have their privacy respected and their dignity duly observed, including protection against harassment on grounds of race or ethnicity, religion or convictions, disability, age or sexual orientation, and against sexual harassment and harassment on grounds of sex; to be paid on time and to exercise the actions derived from their contract of employment individually.

Specialist advice should be obtained before taking, or refraining from taking, action based on the contents of this site which is only intended as a brief note. If you require specific advice on any aspect of this section or on any other Spanish employment related matters, please contact any member of Bufete Gimenez Torres Employment Team.

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